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Kirsty Petersen
Family Mediator, Conflict Coach,
Parenting Educator

I know what it’s like to struggle to communicate with your child’s other parent.  It’s 9 years since my marriage ended and I’ve been where you are.  Some days it didn’t seem to matter what I did or what I said, there was no winning.  
Change doesn’t have to be huge and difficult.  It can be just one little thing done differently – that has a huge impact. The 52 Tips Program is designed to support you throughout the year.  If you think you will need some 1-to-1 support, sign up for the extra coaching session.  Use the session at any point throughout the program - we will connect online and I will guide you through the bump in the road.  
Whether you’re just separated, you’ve been struggling for ages, or ‘something’ has just changed everything – YOU have the power to make it different!
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52 Tips Program

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